Sector Response and Recovery Survey 2020

Sector Response and Recovery Survey May 2020

This report has been split into three key parts which we believe are all very pertinent to business owners and senior leaders during this time; Business Impacts, Staff & Resourcing and Future Planning. Overall we were pleasantly surprised by some of the results which is most likely a reflection of the continued government and private investment into various parts of the construction sector – be that in infrastructure, commercial construction or the residential market. Most companies are predicting a negative impact on this years financial forecast, which is understandable – however over 80% of respondents are only predicting less than 40% decline.

We also found an overwhelmingly positive response to the enforced working from home situation we all found ourselves in. The wider construction sector including architecture, property and engineering has typically been very hesitant towards providing working from home options or a fully flexible working environment.

However our results tell us that now 90% of respondents will support working from home in the future.

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