Your Social Media presence and how it impacts your job search

Your Social Media presence and how it impacts your job search

Your Social Media presence and how it impacts your job search

Most job-seekers have more than one social account with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn being the main ones. The number of employers using social media to screen candidates is at a all time high with 70%* using it to screen potential candidates before making a hiring decision.

Why? Because future employers want to know as much as possible about the person they are employing. Will you fit in to the company’s culture? Do you have any skeletons in your closet?

This percentage isn’t likely to decrease, but don’t let it intimidate you – Let’s take a look at what you can do to prep your social media profiles for a job search.

  • Google yourself - A simple Google search can reveal a lot about you, including your phone number, address, email, location, and any photos of yourself

  • Separate your personal and professional social media pages

  • Before posting onto your personal social media accounts, be mindful of what you’re sharing and who is going to see it

  • Consider changing your privacy settings on social media accounts - If you use Facebook you can switch the default public setting on your post under “Who can see my stuff?” and make your content only visible to friends. You can also choose who will see your post using the audience selector when you make a new Facebook status

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Yolande Henning

Yolande is the Candidate Manager for our Temporary & Contract Solutions team. Prior to joining one eighty, Yolande was a Recruiter in South Africa, where she developed her relationship building and match-making skills. She truly understands her candidate’s and client’s needs in order to ensure the perfect match is made – even for short-term assignments. Her attention to detail and ability to build strong relationships, coupled with her strong desire to help people, enables her to assist candidates in finding their perfect career fit. Outside of work Yolande really enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her family!

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