Why SME's Need a Recruitment Professional on their Side

Why SME's Need a Recruitment Professional on their Side

Why SME's Need a Recruitment Professional on their Side

Over the past few years we have seen a trend in large corporate companies towards hiring their own in-house recruitment consultants. As with any hire if you hire the right person this can be very effective, although there will always be a place for a 3rd party consultant to attract, consult and manage the process from an external point of view.

At one eighty we aim to provide this service to growing innovative SME’s that don’t want the burden or the cost of hiring an employee to run only 1-5 recruitment campaigns a year. When you use 180 you get the benefit of an in house recruiter whilst also profiting from the networks an external consultant can provide.

Key reasons to utilise a recruitment professional:

  • Time is precious and we will save you time. The recruitment process takes up a lot of time especially when it’s not your prime responsibility. We also have the ability to ‘drop everything’ when a great candidate comes through and give them our full attention (it also helps that we are quick to spot a great candidate!)
  • Money – time is money, but additional to this, to run your own recruitment process can costly for a number of reasons. Firstly a bad or wrong hire can result in thousands of dollars lost if not more. Secondly when running your own campaign, advertising costs are high, we get preferential prices from Trademe, Seek, LinkedIn etc.
  • Expertise – we recruit all day everyday, you run projects or design buildings or whatever your area of expertise is. We are good at it, quick and efficient.
  • We are a 3rd party, to which candidates able to be blunt and honest about opportunities. This 3rdparty also helps considerably during the negotiation phase.
  • Utilise our networks – we speak to people who are looking for jobs all day everyday, we have built up a pretty good network of current and passive jobseekers. If we don’t have them on hand, we know where they are.
  • Proven previous recruitment campaigns – we have done it all before, take a look at some great examples of campaigns across a number of different mediums.
  • Our ‘hand holding’ service – recruitment is a temperamental process as you are dealing with emotions, financial requirements, business requirements and people’s livelihoods. We have seen most situations before and can take you through the extremely important post interview to acceptance stage.
  • We attract the best candidates – everyday, not just for your campaign, through our brand, our social media presence and general networking. We aim to get our brand out there so when we have a great job for that person, they know of us and feel comfortable making contact.
  • We help define the position with you – the most important part of the recruitment process. We’re honest too, we will tell you if you are being unrealistic
  • We are able to describe and ‘sell’ the position to candidates who may not have been interested otherwise.
  • We are trained in advanced Boolean searching
  • We write great ads – again we do it everyday and we speak to the candidates you are after everyday
  • Having a good recruiter involved in the process will greatly increase the likelihood that the candidate selected will accept the job offer.
  • A good recruiter, through the implementation of a customised transition strategy, will minimise the possibility that the candidate selected will accept a counter offer or change their decision after the fact.

We believe the business world is moving fast and we are moving with it by providing cost effective, mobile technologically advanced solutions.

Let our great brand enhance your great brand.

For more information on tailored recruitment solutions please call Mike Westbury on 021888907 or send me a note at mike@oneeighty.co.nz

We love to communicate through social media, so feel free to follow and connect with us to hear more about the world of business from a recruitment and candidate attraction point of view.

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Mike Westbury

Mike owns the business and delivers innovative recruitment campaigns to his clients. He enjoys working in a niche environment where each client's needs can be tailored to. Mike comes from an extensive recruitment and solution selling background, having previously worked for a large global consultancy and a number of New Zealand owned firms. Outside of work, he can be found playing with his two young kids or getting out for a surf or a sail when time allows!

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