Why Employer Branding is Important Right Now

Why Employer Branding is Important Right Now

Why Employer Branding is Important Right Now

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate. A lot of teams are working remotely and navigating a ‘new normal’.

Our clients are all dealing with the changes differently, but one thing remains certain – businesses will hire again. So, in the meantime, employer branding is incredibly important to build and maintain relationships.

Keep Communication High

Now, more than ever, it is important to keep communication high. Now is not the time to drop social  marketing (or, perhaps it is time to get started!). Share stories of how the team are adapting to working remotely, or how the team are heading back to work under new health and safety standards. It is important to think long term here. Future employees and connections will love seeing the proactive steps you are taking to protect and support your existing staff.

Add Value

How can your business add value to stakeholders and connections? Sharing hints, tips and free resources or time. Some businesses that are building excellent connections during this time are offering their time free to help people. For example; perhaps a 15 minutes phone chat to help potential employees/connections with upskilling or tips about how to succeed in your industry.

Be Timely, and Relevant

Be prepared to pivot and adjust your story daily, or, almost hourly at the moment. As the environment in which we work changes all the time, it is important to stay relevant and appropriate. Is the messaging sensitive? Lots of people are feeling stress and pressures, so keep that in mind and be kind.

Work in the Now

Stay in the ‘now’, don’t worry about the ‘far out future’. What do you need to support your business now and what do you see in the short-term future? It can be easy to become overloaded with worry with ‘what if’s’. Staying focused and working in the short-term as we navigate the new norm is going to help with staying focussed and achieving milestones.

Keep Activity Up

Above all, don’t fall into a big black hole. Keep the activity up. Talk with suppliers, customers, stakeholders, recruiters, speak with potential new recruits, and keep connected.


Employer branding truthfully, is really just basic marketing. Keep communicating, keep activity high, be truthful to your brand and keep moving forward.

Feel free to reach out if we can assist with employer branding ideas or have an phone chat with examples of what we are seeing in the market place that is working for others


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