The New Employment Market

The New Employment Market

The New Employment Market

What will the employment market look like as we move out of lock-down and into some form of normality?

“Some form of normality” – it’s a phrase that our clients and me have used regularly as we (hopefully) start to see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to the COVID-19 lock-down period. We all tend to agree that the lock-down period finishing won’t be a flick of a switch, back to normal and we will forget about social distancing and working from home. No it will be a gradual process which could take months or even years in some industries to return to some form of normality. However in some instances I don’t think we will ever return to what we knew pre-COVID-19 and probably for the better.

Based on conversations with suppliers, clients, candidates and my team here are a few things we think that we can expect coming out of lock-down:

1) Not all businesses will rush back to their offices.

2) Most businesses will re-work their working from home policy having seen how productive staff can be.

3) Some businesses will never return to a traditional office space – instead continuing in a virtual remote basis.

4) We will all utilise online video platforms much more given the productivity advantages.

5) There will be more nationalisation and potentially internationalisation of work. Locality will no longer be as important.

6) Business owners will be a lot sharper and tougher having gone through this experience. Costs will be monitored and I think we will see a lot shrewder and savvier business decisions being made.

7) Unproductive non billing, non-useful, non-productive middle management roles could go given we have seen how well workers work when given the autonomy to do so.

9) Those businesses that have held onto staff and supported staff will see the rewards of doing so through their team culture.

10) Health and safety will become an even bigger essential part of any business.

11) The businesses that have focused on helping, supporting and not selling during the lock-down will see that loyalty repaid by their customers.

12) Companies that are able to adapt to the new normality will rise to the top.

So as we return to some form of normality I’m interested to see what the next few months and then few years looks like. I’m not pretending it’s not going to be a challenge, but I like change personally and thrive off it.

Any other major changes to the way we do business on the horizon? I’d love to hear any specifics about the construction, property and engineering industries in particular.

Mike and the one eighty team,

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