The Benefits of Using Contractors

The Benefits of Using Contractors

The Benefits of Using Contractors

One eighty is proud to say that we now have a decent group of independent contractors out working for a number of our top clients. With that in mind we thought it would be worthwhile briefly explaining how contractors work and the many benefits of utilising this resource.

Independent Contractors are qualified professionals that operate as either limited liability companies or as sole traders. They will usually come in for a project, a period of cover or because their skillset is so hard to find that permanent employees do not exist. These contractors are usually available immediately and are able to slot straight into your existing workplace. Some bring their own tools of the trade – others will utilise your PC’s, phones etc. Yes you do pay more for a contractor in terms of a base rate, but sometimes they can in fact be cheaper than employees once all the costs are added up.

Benefits to you – the company

  • No employee requirements – contractors are not covered by the Employment Relations Act (2000) or the Holidays Act (2003)
  • Gain access to some of the best talent around. Good contractors generally are able to contract without the certainty of ongoing work because they are just that good!
  • Bring some new skills and experience into the team only for as long as required
  • Easy to terminate – depending on the length of the contract, typical notice periods are 1-2 weeks – and you don’t need to give a reason!
  • Only pay one weekly invoice – no ACC payments, PAYE, sick pay, annual leave, no requirement to include them in social events etc, no additional benefits, no ongoing training and no performance management.

So if you are looking to staff up for a project or have a particular skillset required for a period of time, give us a call and talk it through. We can give you an idea on hourly or daily rates expected and background on available contractors.

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