The benefits of engaging contractors

The benefits of engaging contractors

The benefits of engaging contractors

Independent Contractors are qualified professionals that operate as either limited liability companies or as sole traders. They will usually come in for a project, a period of cover or because their skillset is so hard to find that permanent employees do not exist. These contractors are usually available immediately and can slot straight into your existing workplace.

Some bring their own tools – others will require the appropriate equipment such as a laptop or mobile phone. While you might pay more for a contractor in terms of a base rate, often they are more cost effective than employees.

We asked General Manager Mike Westbury to provide his "key reasons why" engaging contractors is a good idea. Here are his thoughts:


The key benefits

Providing staffing flexibility

Engaging contracting staff allows to meet short-term skill and capacity demands.

Depending on the length of the contract, typical notice periods are 1-2 weeks, and you don’t have to specify a reason to end their assignment.

Bridging skill gaps

When you need a specific skill set for a short period of time to enable the completion of key projects. Generally, contractors will have experience in a niche area and have accomplished skills meaning they can hit the ground running. This ensures that you can meet your immediate staffing requirements without your projects falling behind schedule.

Providing cost-efficient resource solutions

Contractors are only paid for the hours worked and often for a short period of time.

Only pay one monthly invoice – no ACC payments, PAYE, sick pay, annual leave, no requirement to include them in social events etc, no additional benefits, no ongoing training and no performance management.

No employee requirements

Contractors are not covered by the Employment Relations Act (2000) or the Holidays Act (2003)


The one eighty solution


one eighty provides recruitment services to the construction, engineering and property industries. We pride ourselves on providing tailor made recruitment solutions that are innovative in their approach and cost effective. We work with fantastic clients who have an entrepreneurial spirit and are open to growth and innovation. The service offered is specific to your needs at any one point in time.

If you are looking to engage a contractor for a project or have a particular skillset required for a period of time, please contact us. We can give you advice around expected charge rates and backgrounds on suitable contractors.

My details can be found here or more useful resources can be found throughout our website. 

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