9 Tips for Maximising Workplace Attractiveness

9 Tips for Maximising Workplace Attractiveness

9 Tips for Maximising Workplace Attractiveness

It may not surprise you that in our line of work, we talk to candidates every day. What may surprise you is the one key piece of information candidates always want to know: what is the potential workplace like?85a3b79cb55c2e8d70aacbb0e64692ba

Candidates are searching for an attractive workplace and this is something they are sure to ask us about, alongside the people they will be working with, the role, future career opportunities etc.

On the flip side we also visit some great (and not so great) client office spaces. So, I thought it was about time I outlined some of the attributes great workplaces have, from a purely physical point of view.

Every great office space we have seen has a modern splash of colour – usually in company brand, but bright, light colours is invigorating and powerful when it comes to staff morale.

4759cf45a8442576c1c24317df2486b4Natural light has been proven to massively increase productivity in employee outputs – check out one of our clients HomeTech Solatubefor more proof. Have a think about where you position desks in relation to windows and natural light. Or maybe your office fit out should include some Solatubes!

You could try a hot desk approach, this allows for a great mix of different people; the CEO could sit next to the intern one day! It also forces people to be organised and paperless – bonus!

I am a massive fan of sit/stand desks which can be a great benefit both physically and mentally.

Fewer desks than people – this is an idea I read about the other week. Not sure it’s something I would implement, but I can see the point. It’s all about creating an inclusive working environment, where people collaborate together and maybe work from the kitchen table or the bar leaner.

No chairs in meeting rooms allows meetings to be short, sharp, to the point and people are generally invigorated and energetic.

Some businesses allow pets in their office space, obviously this is only going to suit all environments, but who wouldn’t enjoy a quick cuddle with a Labrador during the working day.

Gen Y’s are all about technology, check out our previous blogpost about Gen Y’s and their needs and wants. They will be excited by TV’s on the wall, sound systems, double and triple monitor screens, iPads to sign in – the list goes on.


Indoor or outdoor break out areas give employees the opportunity to step away from their desk for a few minutes, grab a bite to eat, have an informal meeting or just operate from a different location.

So there are a few of our ideas generated from both what candidates want and what clients offer. We would love to see your examples of great office spaces!

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