Reasons not to consider counter offers

Reasons not to consider counter offers

Reasons not to consider counter offers

When you accept a new job offer and hand in your notice, it’s possible that your current employer will make a counter offer to incentivise you to stay. This typically comes in the form of an increased salary and benefits package and is often a substantial increase on your current remuneration.

In today’s competitive job market, counter offers are becoming more common as companies strive to keep their valuable talent. 

It is a difficult decision, but here are some key reasons why you shouldn't consider a counter offer.

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The underlying reasons that caused you to consider a change are likely to repeat themselves in the future.

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What kind of company waits until you threaten to resign before they agree to pay you what you’re worth?

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Your employer is now aware that you are unhappy. From this day on, your loyalty will always be in question.

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When promotion time comes around, your employer will remember who was loyal, and who was not, or if times get tough and your employer makes cutbacks, the people with inflated salaries and a perceived lack of commitment will be the first to go.

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80% of people resign between 6-12 months of taking a counter offer


Do you want to take one step forward by choosing the company with the best opportunity for you? Or take two steps back by accepting a counter offer - In the end you may just be delaying the inevitable.


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