Market Insights: Candidates moving quickly due to high demand

Market Insights: Candidates moving quickly due to high demand

Market Insights: Candidates moving quickly due to high demand

It’s fair to say that the past 12 months have been a whirlwind of uncertainty. With New Zealand’s COVID-19 border restrictions now easing up, as a country we’re coming out the other side and the job market is reflecting this.

There is high demand for candidates in all of our sectors. To be concise, the market is booming — but clients are still facing a number of challenges when it comes to recruiting the perfect candidate. The rapid speed of the market means that people aren’t moving for money, but rather for great opportunities that need filling ASAP. This hot demand means that candidates have no choice but to move quickly.

With job opportunities increasing, many candidates are leaving jobs they held onto a year ago for security. Candidates will not be remaining in positions they are unsatisfied with, which begs the question around what unique advantages clients can offer in order to attract and retain staff.

The opening of the trans-Tasman bubble will see many candidates leaving to Australia for work. Australia has an attractive job market and lots of enticing opportunities, especially for younger candidates. If the borders open completely, these younger candidates will head off on their OE’s — increasing both the candidate shortage and the difficulty to recruit.

The market that we’re currently facing is no stranger to one eighty recruitment and our team are still finding the right candidates for our clients. Our attraction strategies and sourcing techniques make it easier to navigate the challenges that the market presents — so at the end of the day, both clients and candidates walk away happy. Although recruitment is harder than ever right now, long-standing relationships with clients + the “secret sauce” of recruitment = success.

At one eighty, we take the time to understand what both clients and candidates are looking for so we can make the perfect match. It's a hard market to recruit in right now, so partnering with an expert delivers results. Please contact us at one eighty to discuss your recruitment and job needs.

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