Market Insights: The workforce moves towards flexibility.

Market Insights: The workforce moves towards flexibility.

Market Insights: The workforce moves towards flexibility.

 Just as it’s a competitive climate for job seekers finding the right role, the pressure is on for businesses seeking the right candidate. International talent is absent from the candidate pool, causing a significant reduction in suitable candidates for our clients. 

Without the international candidate flow and with clients facing more growth this year than anticipated, the recruitment process has become both more challenging and more imperative. 

At one eighty recruitment, we have the contacts to find your perfect candidate. The issue is– your perfect candidate is likely already in a role. Picking up the phone and connecting with candidates is not the challenge for us - the challenge is selling an opportunity. 

Clients should look at what unique advantages they can offer to entice candidates to move to their company. 

 In my experience, candidates are looking for:

  • Flexibility between work and home life. 
  • Time off for birthdays and personal engagements
  • The option to work from home
  • Independence and autonomy


Flexibility and down-time have become more valued benefits since lockdown saw 40% of employed New Zealanders work from home. Candidates with new families or unique personal circumstances are likely to respond to these kinds of benefits. 

 In saying this, many candidates are also looking for: 

  • A strong sense of leadership
  • Structure and routine
  • A sense of purpose and belonging


Local candidates tend to seek added benefits across the board significantly more than salary increases. Once you know which benefits you can offer candidates, we can market the roles to our extensive network to land you a quality hire. 

As our workforce seeks change and flexibility, we’ve seen a major spike in the need for temp and contract workers. Clients are winning more work than expected, and are seeing the value in engaging contractors with distinctive expertise for a specific piece of work to manage this increase. Many clients are aiming to have a 20% flexible workforce by the end of 2021. 

It’s no surprise we are hearing business owners and hiring managers voice frustration about how hard it is to recruit in 2021 – it’s not easy! As the people market shrinks and becomes less transient, an effective recruitment partnership becomes even more vital to attracting the right talent for your team.

As always, the team at one eighty are happy to chat about what this means for you and provide more insight alongside working with you proactively. Speak with one of our experienced recruiters today to find out more. 


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