Knowing your worth: Negotiating your salary

Knowing your worth: Negotiating your salary

Knowing your worth: Negotiating your salary



  • Do your research 

This is a really important first step, whether you are presenting yourself to a recruiter or having your first interview it’s important to set yourself apart from your competition. Knowing about the company, the market and the opportunity will mean that you come across as confident but also shows and justifies your interest in the opportunity. 


  • Find out what you are worth 

You could almost say this is more important than point number one, regardless – it’s something that a lot of people aren’t confident with. Knowing what you are worth, how to judge what the market will pay and justifying why you want a certain salary is essential.

Being honest around your expectations is a good thing, the recruiter will respect you for it – we are able to also influence a client when it comes to remuneration and your expectations, we are also able to provide advice if we think you are pricing yourself out of the market. If you ask for too much then we may not be able to secure you an interview if you come across as too cheap employer may wonder what’s wrong, or conversely take advantage of you.


  • Do well at interview 

People always underestimate performance and the fact that most of the time you only have one opportunity to get your points across and impress whoever is interviewing you. Think of the interview process as an audition – if you don’t do your best will you get the “part”?

Dressing for success as cliché as it sounds is important, as are things like not smoking a cigarette just before you meet your potential future employer. They may not have an issue but for lots of people this can be off putting.

You could say that it’s all the semi-unseen and unsaid things that are important to bear in mind when you have your interview. Think about the little things and if you get these right then I’m sure dealing with larger issues surrounding say your ability to perform well in the job a lesser issue.


  • Use a recruiter 

And of course last but not least, there is the part a good recruiter can play in all of this – as I have previously mentioned in a couple of these points, a great recruiter can use their influence, their market knowledge and years of experience to help guide you, to help negotiate your salary. To negotiate a successful result on your behalf, and this could range from soft benefits to the cash component of your offer. Or even something as simple as explaining away the reasons why you have hopped between jobs lately, or adding value by understanding your personal circumstances should you be moving city and the reasons behind all of this. Remember at the end of the day we are all human, and you are dealing with other humans – while you could look at the recruitment process as a transaction, human nature seeps into the different steps of the processes and what better than a recruiter that understands the nuances of recruiting someone like you and can add value to your experience.


Hope this helps someone, I am always happy to chat further!


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Daniel Gallen

As Principal Consultant, Daniel enjoys forming long term relationships with a range of clients and helping their business grow. He started his career in telecommunications, before transitioning to recruitment; totalling nine years of experience with strong networks. When he gets a chance, Dan enjoys spending time at the bach in Taupo and going trout fishing or occasionally taking part in the odd track day as he has a passion for motorsport.

  • Daniel

    Hi Martin! Totally agree with your comments, unfortunately, there are a lot of recruiters out there who focus on the wrong things. This is why we endeavour to give all our candidates and clients the best advice possible, for the best outcome for all parties. Daniel

  • Martin

    It's fine and well saying that the recruiter is there to help but if I have to count how many times I received bad information and guidance from a recruiter.

    Some guys are purely out to get a paycheck.

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