How to Have A Successful Hiring Process – Avoid These Mistakes

How to Have A Successful Hiring Process – Avoid These Mistakes

How to Have A Successful Hiring Process – Avoid These Mistakes

The biggest mistake we can making when hiring new employees is to have unrealistic expectations and unclear objectives.

For a smooth hiring process, it is important to nail these tasks for the best outcome.

A Clear Job Brief

Working with your recruiter it is important to take the time to be 100% clear on what the job is, what objectives are, and the type of candidate you are hoping to attract.

An Easy Application Process

This is where working with a recruiter really helps. The systems support candidates to apply for the job in an easy manner whilst upholding candidate experience.

Be Prepared for the Interview

So much value and gained and provided during an interview for both the recruiting company and the candidate. If left with a bad impression, both parties won’t move forward with the process.

Prepare questions and set up a great space for the interview (is it online? Make sure the wifi is good!).

Move Quickly, But Not Too Quickly

After a great interview, candidates are often excited to move forward with the process. They’ve fallen in love with your company and the opportunity. Leaving it too long to provide feedback or move forward with the process can sour the process. The feeling of value and worth (from the candidate) goes down, and they start to question if the opportunity is worth pursuing. Keep moving forward.

Misaligned Expectations

This is where a good recruiter adds value to ensure there is a match. Expectations should be up front, and addressed early in the process so that nothing comes up towards the end as a surprise which ruins the opportunity. Outlining expectations early in the process assists with a smooth process from start to finish.


Above all, keep communication high. Utilise the recruiter as much as possible. They are here to help both parties. It’s just what they do – and they do it well!


A smooth hiring process should be enjoyable for everyone. It’s the beginning of a new relationship, so it’s worth getting it right.


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