How Employers Onboard for Success during COVID-19

How Employers Onboard for Success during COVID-19

How Employers Onboard for Success during COVID-19

Employee onboarding certainly has changed during COVID-19. Truth is, core principals still apply; be organised, utilise systems, and deploy expertise from the business.

Utilise Technology

Most businesses working remotely have already deployed cloud tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Skype etc. Collaboration of teams online enables new employees to instantly be part of the team.

Set Up with the Gear

Courier all equipment required for the job to the employee; laptop, phone, stationary prior to the start date with online tech support for set up. This should be no different to the first day in the office.

Set the Schedule

Prepare a detailed onboarding module and schedule for the new recruit. Provide details of the schedule on the first day. This will build rapport with the new hire as they will see the investment you are about to put into them. What a great feeling.

Be Prepared for Additional Support

Be prepared that new employees may need a little extra help to get started. Set up a buddy system, and clearly communicate who to go to for support.

Utilise your Existing Team

What value can the existing team add to the onboarding process? How can they assist in the onboarding process? Utilise the existing team as possible to ease the team pressure.

Be Flexible

Expect that onboarding your new recruit during COVID-19 may take slightly longer and usual, and that’s ok – just be prepared and flexible.

Use Video or Phone as Much As Possible

Rather than email, we suggest using video or phone as much as possible with the new recruit. This builds connection, but also ensures there is no misunderstanding of tone or expectation.

Encourage Connection

Encourage connection by setting up ‘after work drinks’, ‘lunch dates’ including one on one time with other team members to build relationships and connection. This will help with overall satisfaction and act like a ‘water cooler chat’. Video is going to help with this.


Overall, onboarding remotely is simply a time to get creative. As businesses we have to keep moving forward with delivering projects and services even under these special circumstances.

If we can assist with confidentially sharing details of how other clients have successfully onboarded during COVID-19, please feel free to reach out.


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