Employing millennials; is it as daunting as it seems?

Employing millennials; is it as daunting as it seems?

Employing millennials; is it as daunting as it seems?

Fresh out of university with my bachelors degree and beginning my postgraduate study I joined the one eighty team as the newest and youngest member. I spent half of my 2+ years of dedicated hospitality work searching for a job in my desired field; HR. This was not so easy for a graduate completely inexperienced in that area and thus deemed a risk to employ.

Graduates of the millennial generation are often considered demandingly difficult, unprofessional, need reassuring ALL THE TIME, are inexperienced, and self-absorbed. These widely held stereotypes were not increasing my chances of finding a career.

Good fortune brought me to one eighty recruitment, a small but growing recruitment firm with passionate and proactive employees. They were confident and had a knack for their work; but how was I going to contribute to this successful team? Maybe the lack of enthusiasm when hiring inexperienced millennials is there for a reason? 

However, I soon would understand why I was a useful component. I began thinking more deeply about my role at one eighty and the untapped resource that are graduates and 20-somethings entering the professional workforce.

My contribution to one eighty’s day-to-day functioning range from the small - checking the PO Box and buying an aux cord; through to the big - planning and execution of one eighty’s presence on social media and ensuring candidate’s CVs are up to scratch to present to clients.

I help to keep the business running; the small everyday tasks one wouldn't always think about. This ensures the consultants can get on with the work that grows and financially secures the business. I am an integral part of this company and proud member. My millennial traits mean I easily adapt, have a strong focus and drive, and fully immerse myself in my working world.

Benefits recognised in graduates can range, however the consensus is that they:

  • Can be more comfortable with using and adapting to new technology
  • Can be a profitable long-term investment
  • Tend to accept a lower salary
  • Are prepared to work harder than many who are experienced due to wanting to prove themselves and a lack of external commitments, and
  • Can provide insight and perspectives not currently tapped into

Is there a stigma surrounding graduates? Sure. Is some of it true? Yeah, maybe. But from my own personal experience and the experience of others it appears that graduates may be an under-utilised resource due to being misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Next time you need a role filled why not consider the benefits of hiring a fresh-faced 20-something with a desire to learn and achieve. Navigating the floods of them can be hard but with the right techniques and processes you may land yourself a success story in the making; one eighty did it and they can help you do it too. 

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