Establishing relationships: Hitting the ground running

Establishing relationships: Hitting the ground running

Establishing relationships: Hitting the ground running


The appeal to my clients in your ability to ‘hit the ground running’ is huge. It’s a common cliché but a phrase I use often when matching contractors to clients, or one I hear as a requirement for client.

So how can you make sure you get stuck in? Here are my top three pointers I always offer my contractors before their start dates. Their feedback is always positive and I have been told these tips have really added to their success during their assignments:

1. Set clear expectations

Clear expectations are established by the earliest possible clarification of your goals with regards to deliverables. These expectations should reflect business pains and guarantee small wins for both you and the client. Focus your work load and efforts strategically to internal demands both immediately and over time. This will help establish a sense of immediate impact.

2. Build relationships and engage

Meet the team. They need to know who you are and the role you are there to perform. This is imperative to your on-going success and integration into an organisation. Ensure these relationships are built with people that are able to provide useful insights and information if needed. This process also helps to increase your ability to successfully collaborate over time and be really part of the existing team.

3. Get feedback and respond proactively

Although you manage yourself during your assignment, it is important to engage regularly with key stakeholders to ensure that you are delivering on expectations and maintaining standards that are expected in your role.

Be proactive; if you see an opportunity and there needs to be a change, or you find a way of working that is more beneficial or productive, be sure to communicate this. Keep these discussions open as you should be utilising your skills as much as possible to deliver tangible results. Always come back to the common goal and how this will help the organisation see continued progress over time.


If you are considering taking up a contracting opportunity, are currently in an assignment and seeking new opportunities, or would like to engage contractors into your business then please do not hesitate to give me a call.

My details can be found here or more useful resources can be found throughout our website. 

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