Changing Business Direction? How Recruitment Can Help

Changing Business Direction? How Recruitment Can Help

Changing Business Direction? How Recruitment Can Help

In growth mode, small and medium sized businesses are constantly changing, adapting and improving.

Most employees are welcoming of a change in strategy or process, especially if its going to improve how they work, make them and the business more money, and improve the business’ reputation in the marketplace. These employees are engaged and are willing to do what is best for your business – you’ll want to keep these awesome people on for as long as you can!

Sometimes after a change, however, a few employees will create resistance or resign. This may seem like a loss, and it can be stressful, no doubt about it. But hang on – you don’t really want these people around anyway! You have committed to a change for the better and they aren’t willing to participate.

So, what’s the next step? You may have guessed it… Recruitment!

In our line of work, we have seen this scenario play out time and time again and we love being a part of the process to ensure the right people are hired who are aligned with your business strategy. Let’s look at a case study and go through our recruitment consulting process.

Case Study:

We were recently engaged by an Australian owned company with a NZ based division in the building supplies industry. Things were changing at this company, with a real drive in sales and the implementation of KPI’s. Further, feedback from their customers revealed a need for their regional staff to be a lot more present and accessible.

The company engaged us to assist them with their recruitment. We were given the brief on the change, company and culture, and were tasked to find the right people for the business going forward.

We implemented the following campaign:

  • We wrote a great ad, made a video and posted across multiple job boards as a double branded advertising campaign
  • We created a video showcasing the role and the company culture. We asked them to arrange for two employees to do short videos explaining why they enjoy working there. Our video was a hit with the candidates, many of whom mentioned how useful it was in gauging fit and how much they loved hearing from actual employees!
  • We created a dedicated campaign page on our website to the company and the roles, including links, imagery and video
  • As part of our campaign, we also ran sponsored updates on our social media channels. We closely monitored engagement, created interactions with staff members and candidates, and used click through links to our website – the trick is making it as easy as possible for the right people to apply!
  • We implemented a referral scheme to encourage staff and supporters to refer potential candidates
  • We specifically targeted people with our sourcing campaign - making contact with local technical salespeople in the appropriate sectors
  • The role was also marketed to existing candidates on our database through a mixture of imagery and text
  • Overall, we used a number of different contact methods dependant on what was most appropriate including email, phone, IN mail, Facebook message or text message.
  • We then ran a comprehensive search and selection process with the use of video interviewing and sent preferred candidates to the head office in Auckland for a final face to face interview.

The whole process was highly successful and we have filled four roles thus far, nearly five - we are currently running a campaign using the same methodology.

If you are making some changes to your business, let’s have a chat and see how we can help you get the right people on board.


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Mike Westbury

Mike owns the business and delivers innovative recruitment campaigns to his clients. He enjoys working in a niche environment where each client's needs can be tailored to. Mike comes from an extensive recruitment and solution selling background, having previously worked for a large global consultancy and a number of New Zealand owned firms. Outside of work, he can be found playing with his two young kids or getting out for a surf or a sail when time allows!

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