Assertiveness in the workplace

Assertiveness in the workplace

Assertiveness in the workplace

Being assertive in the workplace can be a balancing act as you need to get your point across without being overbearing. A lack of assertiveness in the office can be a major contributing factor to poor performance. Assertive people are able to voice their thoughts and opinions without apologising OR dominating.  

Below are 5 key tips on how to be more assertive at work:

1. Say "NO"

It allows you to select what you do. In this instance "how" you say no is what matters most - be direct but not aggressive. 

2. Know your role

This will allow you to focus on what you need to get done and not get distracted. 

3. Anticipate problems

Problems are part of your day and you can better manage them when you expect them to occur.  

4.Value your time

This relates to point 1 - your time is precious and valuable. Ensure your time is spent being productive.

5. Manage expectations

When you have a clear goal, and everyone knows what you/they are working towards, you can better manage everyone's expectations. 

Being assertive at the workplace translates into being confident and not being afraid to share what you want or believe in. Assertiveness leads to positive, respectful and confident behaviour whilst also understanding the needs and feelings of one's colleagues. The main benefit of being assertive is that you will find mutually beneficial solutions to interpersonal issues and conflicts, which in turn means people are able to send the right signal and receive the right response.

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Yolande Henning

Yolande is the Candidate Manager for our Temporary & Contract Solutions team. Prior to joining one eighty, Yolande was a Recruiter in South Africa, where she developed her relationship building and match-making skills. She truly understands her candidate’s and client’s needs in order to ensure the perfect match is made – even for short-term assignments. Her attention to detail and ability to build strong relationships, coupled with her strong desire to help people, enables her to assist candidates in finding their perfect career fit. Outside of work Yolande really enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her family!

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