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one eighty are a recruitment company that works hard to provide both our clients and candidates with a top-notch recruitment experience; the one eighty experience. We can provide this because we take both the client and candidates expectations into consideration and create the perfect match! We keep our eye on new innovations in recruitment technology that can improve our recruitment processes and the service we provide. As a fast growing company, we endeavor to actively engage with our industry and sector; keeping us informed about all the exciting developments on offer.

We are big on team culture and celebrate our achievements both collectively and as individuals. We have joined the fun run round the bays, hold quarterly celebratory lunches and organise team building activities. Most recently we celebrated an excellent quarter with a day trip to Martinborough for a wine tastings tour!

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We are always on the lookout for great talent to join our team so if you’re interested, check our current opportunities. 

More about us 

At one eighty recruitment we work as a team to provide the 'one eighty experience' to everyone we encounter from candidates to contractors to clients to suppliers. We provide innovative solutions within a flexible environment focusing on quality delivery through strong relationships. We specialise in providing recruitment services to clients across the wider built environment encompassing the construction, property, engineering and architecture sectors.

We also offer office support and can provide temporary staffing solutions to any business needing quality staff urgently.

We enjoy what we do and offer an environment in which you will flourish with benefits such as:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Wellness programme
  • Coffee machine on site
  • International trips for top performers
  • 'Dress for the day' policy
  • Latest technology including state of the art phones, computers, headsets
  • Birthday day off
  • Paid charitable working day
  • Quarterly team incentive programme

You will also need to have a wide range of skills including:

  • An appreciation of the value of money
  • A competitive streak
  • An understanding of the metrics of sales and business development
  • A sharp eye for numbers
  • Top written skills
  • The ability to read people, understand, listen and empathize
  • The ability to close deals
  • The ability to follow systems
  • Technologically savvy

And you will be:

  • Presentable
  • Hungry for growth and development
  • Resilient, honest with high integrity

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For more information please contact Mike Westbury on 021888907 or

Check out our behind the scenes video below which will give you an insight into how we operate.




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