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"Powerco is your reliable partner, delivering New Zealand's energy future."


Powerco is New Zealand’s largest electricity distributor in terms of network length (27,900km) and has the second largest number of electricity connections (336,000). The company also has the second largest gas distribution network (5815km) and the largest number of gas connections (106,000). It is one of only two dual-energy distributors in the country. Find out a bit more about Powerco below.

About Powerco

Our energy brings warmth, comfort, and security.  We do this safely and efficiently and when supply is interrupted we respond quickly so you can get on with your lives. We are proud of our small town origins and local history. You will see us getting behind community groups and events – it’s important to us to support worthy causes and organizations. At Powerco, we are preparing for the future to provide a trusted service that evolves with changing technology.

Powerco's Mission

In profitable partnership with our stakeholders, we are powering the future of New Zealand through the delivery of safe, reliable and efficient energy.

Powerco's Vision

Your reliable partner, delivering New Zealand's energy future. 

Powerco's Values

Safe: We are committed to keeping people safe

Trustworthy: We act with integrity. We are honest, consistent and ethical. We trust each other and our external partners and work to be trusted in return

Collaborative: We work together with our partners, contribute our capabilities and provide timely support and consideration to achieve our collective goals.

Conscientious: We are proactive, hardworking, diligent and thoughtful. We are mindful of the needs of others and of the environment. We take ownership for our actions.

Intelligent: We make informed decisions for the best outcome. We continually seek improvement and innovative solutions from our suppliers and ourselves.

Accountable: We lead. We take ownership of our decisions and responsibility for our actions. We are proactive in identifying and resolving problems.


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Current Vacancies

No current vacancies

If you have any questions regarding any potential roles with Powerco please contact Daniel Gallen via email: daniel@oneeighty.co.nz 



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