Top Talent Remuneration: Building Supplies Industry

Top Talent Remuneration: Building Supplies Industry

Top Talent Remuneration: Building Supplies Industry


A few weeks ago, I outlined my thoughts on salary levels within the construction sector, this focused on core site based roles such as site manager and quantity surveyor. On top of recruiting for this area we also recruit for sub-contractor roles or suppliers of products to the building industry sector (I know this is a bit of a mouthful, I haven’t come up with a succinct name for this sub-sector yet!).

It is important to note that these packages are purely from my point of view based on discussions with clients and candidates. There is no science to it, but I have a reasonable handle on what you need to pay to secure a top candidate.



Salary level


Sales Rep

$60K-$80K + vehicle

Small bonus – 10% of salary

Territory Manager

$70K-$90K plus vehicle

Decent bonus structure – up to $20K possible extra

Business Development Manager

$100K-$150K plus vehicle

Bonus based on KPI’s, bringing in new business or overall turnover

Project Manager

$80K-$120K + vehicle





Project Coordinator



Contract Manager


Small bonus based on the KPI’s of the contract

Sales Manager

$100K - $150K + vehicle

Decent bonus structure based on turnover, could be up to $50K extra.

General Manager

$150K - $300K + vehicle

$150K-$300K would be inclusive of bonuses


A few further comments on the above:

  • Vehicles are generally worth $12K-$15K to the package
  • This is focused on the Auckland market as that is where we do the majority of this type of work, however take approximately $10K-$20K off for other parts of the country.
  • Job titles can be confusing between companies; generally the pay is related to turnover and sales.
  • Role definition is critical, as in this sector the role definitions are not as clear cut.
  • Remember, each case is different and this is only a guide! They may not be 100% correct and they may be skewed towards what the top candidates want as that is who we are talking to.


I’d love to hear our thoughts as either an employee or employer and if you want to catch up over a beer to discuss further I’ll get the first round.


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