The Road to New Zealand

The Road to New Zealand

The Road to New Zealand

Since I moved to New Zealand, I often get asked about my background given that I am half Chinese half Irish, yet speak with a unique accent - a mix of Irish and American. So, I thought I would share a little bit about myself, where I came from and what I'm doing now with one eighty recruitment here in the coolest little capital in the world!

My background

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I was born in Galway, Ireland but raised and attended university in Dublin.

After graduating, I moved to New York to work in recruitment for a year, before moving to Hong Kong. 

After almost two years living and working in the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong, I decided to make the move to greener pastures. I packed up my life and came to New Zealand!

The first taste of New Zealand I had was in Christchurch where I first arrived. I hired a camper van, saw the beautiful sights of the South Island while making my way up north to Wellington... 

A shaky start

Having come from countries that don’t have any natural disasters to having 73 “shakes” over a magnitude of 5 within the first month of being here in Wellington has certainly kept me on my toes... so much so that I routinely leaped out of my chair and climbed under my desk at the sound of a car driving by for the following three weeks.

However, the biggest difficulty I’ve had in adapting is surprisingly not the earthquakes or the weather but some cultural differences, like some of the kiwi slang. It took some time but I’ve finally figured out what "jandles" and "stubbies" are!

At work, meeting with people and while on the phone, I have to admit I have had some adjusting to do. For example, New Zealanders tend to increase their pitch at the end of every statement as if it were a question, or they add "or?..." almost like a cliff hanger that leaves me waiting. This is often accompanied by a long and very awkward pause, while I think you’re trying to think of what to say finish your sentence! Luckily, I have colleagues who are more than happy to answer my questions and have a laugh about it all with me.

So what am I doing now?

My work with one eighty is seeing me working more in the Architecture and Property and Facilities Management spaces. I have recruited in many areas in the past, including Financial Crime and Compliance in Hong Kong, so this has been an exciting change for me. I have been soaking up as much information as I can from my colleagues, as well as talking to candidates and clients. Its great being able to speak with candidates and clients about their work and actually being able to see it around us. I love being able to interact with professionals who are so passionate about what they do and create and how they can impact a city and its history.

I hope this blog helps to explain a little bit about me and my background, and you have had a laugh with me while I navigate the Kiwi way of life.

I am always keen to chat about the market so if you are free for a coffee just get in touch.


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