Architechture Market Update 2019, Salaries and tips on controlling your CV!

Architechture Market Update 2019, Salaries and tips on controlling your CV!

Architechture Market Update 2019, Salaries and tips on controlling your CV!

Market, Salaries and tips on controlling your CV!
The job market for 2019 is looking great with many firms in Wellington hiring now or looking to increase their headcount by March.

Salaries have been steady in the Wellington region over the last 6 months. Salaries did however increase 28.6% over the last 5 years.

Test your salary out against some of the roles one eighty have recruited in the past 6 months.

  • Architectural Designer $ 85 000 - $90 000
  • Revit/BIM tech $ 80 000 – $90 000
  • Senior Architect – $100 000 – $110 000
  • Revit/BIM Specialist - $65 - $80 per hour
  • Project Architect – $85 000 – $100 000
  • Recently registered NZ Architect – $78 000 – $88 000
  • Senior Architectural Technician - $65 000 - $90 000
  • Intermediate Architectural Technician - $60 000 - $65 000
  • Architectural designer - $55 000 - $65 000

Tips on controlling your CV
Whether you are looking to progress your career this year or just needing to find work, your personal brand is of upmost importance. One way you can protect your personal brand is controlling your CV or informal approaches to companies on your behalf.

Why is this important?
Controlling your CV allows you to protect your personal brand and prevents you being over exposed in the job market. There can be negative connotations if a candidate is seen to be working with many consultants.

The message potential employers are receiving about you can be vary from different consultants depending on how well they know you and their interpretation of your skills, experience and personality.

It is really important that you trust your consultant and are confident they know enough about you to educate the client and fairly represent you.

What you can do as a candidate to best manage your CV and personal brand?
Be clear on your skills, experience and the type of company culture that fits you. Ask your consultant questions about how your experience fits with their clients. Create an action plan with your consultant, generally if you are the one driving this you are working with the wrong consultant.

Your action plan doesn’t need to be formalized if you feel that you and your consultant have a good understanding. I recommend following up in writing and re-iterating your understanding of the action plan.

What can you do if your CV has been sent to an employer from more than one consultant?
If you have not already, send your consultant an email stating that you are working with them on that particular role, then let your consultant manage the situation with the employer.

Ideally let the other consultant know the situation, if you have no relationship with them and/or they are rather ‘bullish’ then just let your consultant handle the situation with the employer.

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Nick Parson

Nick is an experienced recruitment consultant with strong networks in the Property and Architecture sectors. He seeks to really understand his clients business and he listens to candidates which give him the edge to enable that special match. Nick enjoys building long term relationships and seeing his clients business thrive. Outside of work Nick enjoys spending time with his family and has a love for water sports like surfing, kiteboarding and ocean swimming.

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