How to nail an interview in the construction sector

How to nail an interview in the construction sector

How to nail an interview in the construction sector


Interviews within the construction sector including the wider design, engineering and property industries are often run less formally; usually with more focus on soft skills and team fit. After sending many candidates in this industry off to interviews with my clients I wanted to talk through how to nail one of these interviews.


1)      Prepare. Know exactly where you are going, what time and who you are to meet. Make sure you know the role you are going for and where you could fit into the structure of the business. Arrive 5-10mins early, but no more.


2)      Dress appropriately. In construction never wear a suit and tie or you will be laughed off site. Depending on the client we usually suggest nice pants and nice tucked in shirt for the guys or similar smart casual for girls.


3)      A key question will be “why you want the job?” or “why you are leaving?” Make sure you answer this without being derogatory about your current employer or boss – keep it diplomatic and succinct. Don’t say for more money


4)      Come armed with a few questions of your own, this shows you have prepared and are genuinely interested in the business.


5)      Ensure your personal grooming is up to standard. Personal hygiene and appearance is always important, no matter the industry.


6)      Don’t talk too much – if you have answered a question, check with the interviewer as to whether you have sufficiently answered the question. Don’t just continue waffling on until the interviewer looks bored. It’s easy to if you’re nervous but it’s


7)      Be positive, enthusiastic and show a genuine interest in joining the company. As simple as it sound, you will be surprised at how important this is.


There are plenty more things to think about when attending an interview, but for a typically informal construction interview if you nail these things, then you will go a long way towards securing that role.

If you want more advice check out our free interview prep guide


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